Ladimax Lifestyle: Why It Works


Ladimax Lifestyle works because we do what others don’t. We understand that life happens and that some weeks will be better than others. Our job is to help you manage your health and fitness. Period. So while you are putting out fires everywhere else, we are focusing on what needs to happen for you to stay on track…or at least not have the wheels pop off.

We give you the direction, oversight, support, tools and methods necessary to keep you on the right path of your fitness journey. Lifes challenges may slow you down but it doesn’t have to STOP you in your tracks.

Traditional weight loss plans use the same methods to give you temporary results. This is why most women have been on several diet plans getting some results or none at all but ultimately ending up back where they don’t want to be.

We are focused less on a number on the scale and more on HOW MUCH of that number is made up of fat. The woman above weighs exactly the same amount in both photos but as you can clearly see she is smaller and tighter on the right than she is on the left. If she focused only on the scale, she would feel as though her efforts were in vain, since the scale would be registering the same amount.

We are going to teach you to REDEFINE success and it is so much more than a number on a scale.

There are two ways to accomplish this: through food and meaningful movement. It’s not magic but it is SPECIFIC.

Ladimax Lifestyle uses evidenced-based practices, your level of fitness and health issues and combines them all to create your best course of action.

You will receive a personalized fitness plan based on your level of fitness. Your plan can be modified for injury or ability and you can do it either at home or in the gym. You will access your exercise plan via the Ladimax Lifestyle portal or app.

Daily Training Sessions shown via the Ladimax Lifestyle Portal


Regardless of what your dietary preference is…plant-based or one of the fads, the secret behind the Ladimax Lifestyle lies in the food. Food, for the most part, is food. It’s how you prepare and consume it that makes the difference. You will eat real food in portions that will never leave you hungry and will help burn fat and build muscle.  There is no starvation dieting, no supplements to buy. Just real food for real women looking for real results.

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