I had been fairly athletic at a young person, even danced balet pretty seriously unitil my mid-teens, and until mid 30s never really had to think about weight. But then baby 1 appeared, and weekend wne driking became during the week wine drinking, and the career got bigger, and there was less and less tie to foucs on me, so exercise went out the window. I gained probably 25 pounds that I didn’t need. THEN came having twins, born out of 3 years of infertiity treatments, and a 5 month bedrest, and then 30 weekers who left me sleep deprived, I was a mess healthwise, and had gained another 20 pounds.

I had just taken a new pretty high level job, in a new country, and relocated my big crazy family there. And now I was traveling more than 50% of the time, internatonal business class (yes please can i have some more wine), and found that the slightly uncomfortabe chubby me, was quickly heading to a much worse place.

Then I joined Ladimax, and in 6 months, I went from a size 16 (really pushing 18), to an 10. Forty pounds, and over 20 inches. Why did it work? It was sensible, eat better (and MORE), move more. I could do it in any hotel room in the world (and I’ve worked out in hotels on at least 4 continents now), and with very few execptions, I could make it work, even in challenging local business dinners.

But I didn’t do it alone. Having Nicole and Rene is great. but they are just 2 people. Having the group of women to connect with, to relate to and to discuss, rant, and celebrate with, I believe is one of the keys of success.

This has changed my life. I more than lost the pounds I have gained, but I am a smaller size than I ever have been, since I was in my 20s, and by far I’m fitter than I’ve ever been. I feel better on the outside and on the inside. I like what I see in the mirror. I like being fit, and what I can do with my kids.

Ladimax is more than a diet because it isn’t a diet. It is a fully supported lifestyle. Reporting numbers to a real person who comes back with real world answers is a key to why it works. But it takes work and commitment.

In one year I lost 64.2 pounds and lost 27.75 inches. But it isn’t about what I lost. It is what I’ve gained. I’ve gained a knowledge of how to feed my body and how to move my body. I’ve gained a confidence to be able to meet the challenges of life and not let it lead me to one bad decision after another.

I have been with Ladimax since the beginning. I have the honor of being one of the original 50 who joined. My journey is a bit different from the average Ladimax tribe member. I joined after a Ladimax house warrior dash weekend. My life was truly changed that weekend. I learned so much but mostly I found ME again. A couple months after joining, following the plan, exercising and seeing successes I had an accident and severed a ligament in my ankle which resulted in surgeries and a lot of set backs. I could have backed off of training and Nicole could have put me on pause but instead of waiting for me to heal to work with me again, Nicole worked my meal plan and workout around my injury. I was able to continue with this fitness journey while healing. I feel I have not been able to take advantage of my full potential but trust Nicole and Rene to continue to be there for me and help me along this journey. I have been given tools that will help me in all areas of my life. I am so proud of the me I have become and continue to evolve in. The support alone is priceless. I am a Ladimaxer for life!

I thought at 50 I was doomed to a life of pain and suffering. 50 was supposed to be my year! Turns out I was gaining weight and generally feeling like crap even though I thought I was eating right. After hurting myself cleaning the litter box I had an epiphany: I need help, I can’t do this alone. So I contacted Rene and found myself. Rene and Nicole have become my fitness midwives. They’ve helped me give birth to a new me; one who is not only losing weight like it’s my job, but one who is stronger, feels better, looks better in clothes, and if at all possible, has even more confidence.

I’ve lost 15 lbs, lost multiple inches around my waist and hips, all while eating MEAT. I’m never starving, shaky, or hungry in the way that I’ve been on previous diets (hello Weight Watchers, I’m giving you the side eye). Why? Because Ladimax really is a lifestyle choice, not a diet. I don’t miss chocolate, bread or alcohol (ok who am I kidding, I miss alcohol alot). But Thanks to the encouragement and support and the MEAT I’m able to withstand the cravings because I have goals.

Bump being old at 50. 50 is just the beginning!

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