Ladimax Lifestyle: 30-Day Jumpstart!

The Ladimax Lifestyle:


Are you ready to shake off the ills of the last month? Whether it’s been one month or many, you might be feeling a bit off balance. Perhaps you need focus. Or an easy plan. Or some kind of plan at all! Well that’s what we’re here for!

Welcome to 30-Day Jumpstart, a program designed to DETOX using real food and your body’s own systems to get you feeling great again!


Before we go into the why let us first explain a little about the body and metabolism. Metabolism is the process by which the body converts food into  energy. Your body is made up of basically muscle, fat and water. Muscle needs more energy to sustain itself so it requires more calories. Muscle, your body’s fat-burning machine, is smaller and more compact than fat so it takes up less space.

Still with me?
Good. Moving on. 


Over thousands of years of evolution, the human body has become quite adept at adapting. You, no doubt remember from school, what happens to the body when it thinks it’s starving, right? It conserves energy in the form of fat. The body is anticipating famine and it doesn’t know how long or how severe it will be.

It doesn’t release fat; instead it hangs on it it!  That is exactly the WRONG approach if you are trying to lose body fat.

It’s time to REFRAME your game. Instead of thinking about total weight loss, think of BODY FAT LOSS that targets unsightly, artery-clogging fat!


Muscle.Matters. Period.

Traditional diet programs have you cutting calories and doing a ton of cardio, all things that make it impossible to build muscle. Why does muscle matter? Because, as mentioned at the top, that’s what you need to burn fat.

You are not going to look like a body builder and get big and bulky. Instead your “footprint” the amount of space you take up, will diminish and you will get tighter and jiggle a whole lot less. 


The Ladimax Lifestyle 30-Day jumpstart is just the roadmap you’ve been looking for. You get: 
*30 day meal plan
*Exercises for each week that can be done from home 

 Total price: $60


Don’t take our word for it…
read what some of the Ladimax Lifestyle
clients say about the program!


First, you need to put 
everything that you have ever heard about diet and exercise out of your mind. This program works very well but you have to commit to doing it. You need to unchain yourself from the scale and go by inches lost instead of pounds. If you follow the plan, in less than a week, the bloat in your stomach will decrease. The brain fog will lift. The energy will return. You will feel better, faster, stronger. 

The next step is on you. Are you ready to lose body fat and keep it off? Are you ready to get smaller and tighter, not just skinny? Are you ready to take a chance on living life to the fullest? The one you and your family deserve?

Then let’s get going. What do you have to lose? Oh, other than 4 inches overall and a couple of dress sizes?