About Nicole

I have been in the women’s health and fitness industry since 1996. Between managing health clubs, building a thriving personal training business that included some of Hollywood’s most infamous, interviewing with several magazines discussing women’s health and fitness to opening and running my own women’s fitness facility, I have seen it all. I hold licenses in massage and occupational therapies, which gives me vast experience in health scenarios that include prevention and management of health risks and fitness challenges all women face at some point in their lives. This gives me the ability to assess and marry a woman’s capabilities to her goals and then create a plan for the best outcomes. 
While my career has taken me to many places and the opportunity to work with all kinds of people, my passion is helping women return to the person they once knew or help them become the person they have always wanted to be.
My clientele encompasses a broad spectrum of women, but my specialty is in women who are almost or over 40. Our bodies have become a bit different and refuse to respond to what we used to do. The bottom line is that we don’t have to settle in with the extra in the middle, the decreased energy, the less sexy feelings or any of the other thoughts and feelings that Mother Nature is trying to hit us with. I have helped hundreds of women stay ahead and combat the changes that are inevitable.

“My name is Nicole Sanders and I transform women’s bodies.”