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Alright, you are here at my About page because every good website has one. It will have all my boring credentials and if you really want to know that stuff, it’s at the bottom. But it also makes me qualified to speak my mind and be a big mouth about women’s health. So that is what you’re gonna get here and everywhere else on this site. Most of you won’t want to hear any of it even though you know that it’s all true. If you want me to blow smoke up your a** as many others do, I won’t. If you want to know the facts about why you haven’t been able to change your body, move better, feel better or you’re the type who requires a road map to get you out of your own way, I will do that.

Listen, I am not some wet-behind-the-ear Lulu Lemon wearing 5lb dumbbell weight lifter who carries around lattes while training clients. No disrespect to those who are and I hear that Lulu Lemon tights are great but my focus is on why most women are overweight and obese in my industry. I have built my 24-year career around educating rather than falling into the pitfalls that trap women every single day. I can transform a 20 and 30-year-olds body with my eyes closed but my passion and expertise circle around the woman that has had Mother Nature breathing down her back, pushing her from behind or tapping her on the shoulder because she is now 40+. Since we can’t stop her, I have figured out how to help women befriend her and work with her. Women don’t have to lose their bodies or who they are because they have gotten a little older. My job is to make sure you don’t and that you become the woman you want to be…mind, body and soul. A little bit of ‘sexy’ never hurt anyone either.

Okay…so if you really gotta know why those letters are behind my name and how I got here, keep reading.

Nicole Sanders, OTA, LMT, CPT
Nicole started her career in women’s health and fitness in 1996. She managed and trained at one of NY’s top chain health clubs before recognizing that she could offer women a better environment to maximize their fitness potential. In 2000, she opened her first woman’s personal training studio, Ladimax Personal Training which soon included massage therapy. She holds licenses in occupational and massage therapies and is an expert in rehabilitation. Nicole’s background and evidenced-based practices have gotten her into Hollywood’s circle of infamous red-carpet walkers, writing fitness columns in national publications while still opening and running women’s gyms. When she is not working, she is traveling…and working.

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