Is your birthday around the corner? Or has it been a few years and you are still thinking about when you turned 40 and everything went downhill? Let’s turn that around ladies! Start looking at 40 as the new . . . well, ’40’. I will say that again. Start looking at 40 in a new way. Below are five exercises that you should be doing to help keep you looking good through this decade. I call it the ‘Fab40’ Workout.

1) Squat Jumps – This exercise will get your heart pumping and blood flowing while working your glutes and thighs. Our decrease in cardio and lower body strength are sometimes the first signs of …maturity (not age:) ). Do 10x for four sets.

2) Leg Up Lift Butt Exercise – This exercise is exactly what it says. Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat. Lift one leg up and push your hips off of the floor with the other leg. Hold for 40 seconds. Switch legs. Repeat 4x. You will be working your butt and abs in this one. Every woman’s problem spot, no matter the age.

3) T Push Up – This one is a total upper body exercise. A woman’s upper body is sometimes her biggest weakness. Let’s build that strength while working on our core as well. Lie down as if you were going to do a push up. Legs apart, arms apart (about 15 inches apart). Push yourself off the floor, rotate your torso to the left and raise your right hand towards ceiling. Come back to start position. Do 10x for 4 sets.

4) Shoulder Blast – This is one of my own and is a 4-in-one superset exercise. Stand with your arms out to the side at shoulder height: rotate them forward 10x and backward 10x. Without dropping them continue into an overhead clap 10x. Without dropping bring your arms forward, drop them down to your legs and raise them again 10x, but only to shoulder height. Without dropping bring them, go back to the side, drop them down to your side, then back up again 10x. Repeat this entire sequence 4x.

5) Lower Ab Leg Reach – Two kids later and your lower abs have not seemed to snap back yet. Let’s work on that. Lie on your back with your knees up and your head off the floor. Push your legs out until they are completely straight, then bring them back into your chest—keeping your head off of the floor. Do 10x. Repeat four sets.

So ladies, I have just given you your answer to the pressures of being 40-something. Work it out, work it out, work it out.