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“Women’s health and fitness has been and continues to be a constant battle. Hiring a trainer and seeing them a couple of times a week has not been enough to keep most women out of the overweight or obese categories. Joining a gym has not been enough to help curtail those bad habits or avoid preventable diseases.” Nicole Sanders

Ladimax Lifestyle PRODUCT REVIEWS

What’s Trending? Who cares. It’s about what works. Get our expert advice on products and services to keep you informed, safe and help you reach your goals.

Ladimax Lifestyle FITNESS ADVICE

If you are almost or over 40, I want you to STOP everything you are doing right now and LISTEN! Do not spend another dime on equipment, pills, clothing, gyms, diets…NOTHING!


Ladimax Lifestyle WORKOUTS

Whether you want to build or lose, are a beginner or advanced we show and tell you the best workouts to get there.

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