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Ladimax Lifestyle is an online fitness and nutrition membership group for women close to or over 40 whose bodies have decided to work against them no matter what they eat or how they move. We are focused on a woman’s wellness, her preventative care and dispelling the myths around diet and weight loss. The diet industry is a 70-BILLION dollar industry and it has sold you a bill of goods! If that statement were untrue, 69% of women in the U.S. would not be overweight or obese.

They told you to eat less and do more cardio. Will you get smaller doing that? Yes. But the loss (which you will be able to see on the scale) will be the fat-burning muscle that you desperately need. So you will look soft not ‘toned’ as most of you like to describe it. You don’t need to be eating less; you need to be eating ENOUGH for your body. The video below explains more about our philosophy.

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“Women’s health and fitness has been and continues to be a constant battle. Hiring a trainer and seeing them a couple of times a week has not been enough to keep most women out of the overweight or obese categories. Joining a gym has not been enough to help curtail those bad habits or avoid preventable diseases.”       – Nicole Sanders

Ladimax Lifestyle PLANS

Traditional weight loss plans tell you to eat less and do lots and lots and LOTS of cardio. The problem is that doesn’t build muscle, the very thing you need to burn fat.

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You won’t be in this alone.  You’ll be part of an amazing network of women in our engaged Facebook community.  Plus, you’ll get weekly feedback for accountability!

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Our affordable fees offer you access to unlimited health and fitness services. 

*addl fee for special training and events.

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